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Whether modern hypercars in the Renaissance courtyard, or the latest 911 next to the pre-war 1920s classic car – Castle & Cars combines the historic with the modern. The series of events organised by the German Automobile Museum transforms the historic castle grounds into an exclusive paddock on Castle & Cars Motorsport Day, offering visitors a very special atmosphere.

In addition to the Motorsport Day, the Castle & Cars beer garden in the Remise Schloss Langenburg provides a regular platform for petrolhead discussions in a cosy atmosphere.

The meeting place for motorsport fans against an impressive backdrop

The Hohenlohe region has always been an insider tip for classic car and motorbike enthusiasts, even beyond its borders. The area between the Kocher, Jagst and Tauber rivers is little affected by traffic and offers varied roads and a diverse cultural landscape characterised by castles, fortresses, monasteries and half-timbered towns.

Over 50 years ago, Prince Kraft zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg and racing driver Richard von Frankenberg founded the German Automobile Museum Schloss Langenburg e.V. and inextricably linked the Hohenlohe region with the automobile.

The museum association is continuing this long tradition with the Castle & Cars event series.

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The unique flair of the charming landscape, lively motorsport and castle backdrop make the Castle & Cars events a must for car enthusiasts. Whether it’s the informal Castle & Cars beer garden or the big motorsport day, good conversation with like-minded people, delicious food and impressive vehicles are always part of the experience.

I am convinced that with Castle & Cars we have an extremely attractive and new series of events for the Hohenlohe and Langenburg region. We want to enrich the tradition of excursions and trips to the car museum at Langenburg Castle, which has grown over the years, with a relaxed day among friends with highlight vehicles, motorsport legends and discussions on exciting topics.

Fürst Philipp zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg

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