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Hohenlohe – “Region of Delight”

Hohenlohe is regarded as Baden-Württemberg’s “delicatessen” or “larder”, where starred restaurants, home-style country inns and traditional “Besenwirtschaften” use regional products from the immediate surroundings.

This ensures freshness and high quality, while maintaining an intact natural landscape that is the ideal backdrop for a relaxing holiday.

Regional Restaurants, Cafés & Inns

For our visitors and holiday guests, the Genussregion Hohenlohe offers numerous culinary options. Whether it’s a quick coffee stop during a hike or after a visit to the museum, a home-cooked meal on holiday or a star menu for special occasions, enjoy yourself through the diversity of Hohenlohe.

Discover Langenburg and the Genussregion Hohenlohe

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