Langenburg Forum

A forum for sustainability

Encounter & debate for sustainable issues

According to the United Nations, there are currently more than 7 billion people living on our planet, and this figure is expected to rise to almost 10 billion by 2050. All these people need water, food and hope for prosperity and a life in a clean environment.

There is an urgent need to discuss this situation and to look for solutions to the problems that arise. The “Langenburg Forum for Sustainability” provided space for discussion and exchange for such and other important topics.

Decision-makers, politicians & multipliers

Schloss Langenburg had the pleasure of welcoming numerous important personalities to the Langenburg Forum. Sustainable debates and an ongoing urban-rural dialogue shaped the discussions on mobility, agriculture and urban developments.

Joschka Fischer

Madeleine Albright

Kofi Annan


King Charles III.

The Hohenlohe region with its many world market leaders is a successful model of how economic prosperity and cultural landscape can be harmonised in rural areas.

Joschka Fischer

Conferences at Langenburg Castle

Schloss Langenburg offers a variety of opportunities for sustainable and future-oriented exchange.

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