Wind, forest & game

Sustainable management
for the Langenburg forest


Environmentally friendly
energy with wood

Our forest owes its survival to the law of sustainability, i.e. only as much wood is felled as grows back. In order to ensure that the diverse services provided by the forest in its utilisation, protection and recreational functions can continue in the future, the forest requires regular maintenance.

Thinning serves to maintain the forest by establishing stable stands and provides valuable timber. Wood burns in an environmentally friendly way.

Wood, which is constantly regrown by utilising solar energy, burns without harming the environment thanks to its low sulphur content of 0.01%. In contrast to burning oil, gas and coal, generating energy from wood is part of a CO2-neutral circular economy.

Its combustion does not lead to any further accumulation of CO2 in the atmosphere. No more CO2 is released than is bound by growth, provided that the forest is managed sustainably like ours.


Sustainable pile and hardwood timber for your needs

We sell pile wood & hardwood in long form from 5 cubic metres. From 20 solid cubic metres we are happy to deliver by lorry plus Freight costs.


Wind power – our contribution to the energy transition

Together with EnBW AG, Fürstliche Forst realised two wind power projects in 2017 after a planning and approval phase of six years. The two wind farms, Brüchlinger Wald near Langenburg with 12 wind turbines and WP Burgholz in the Kirchberg district with 3 turbines, have a combined installed capacity of 49.95 MW. This could save around 90,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.



The consequences of climate change are extremely noticeable in the forest and visible to all. The loss of many forest stands due to the extreme drought and heat phases and their consequences requires a high financial outlay to establish new forest structures with a broad spectrum of climate-resistant tree species. On the other hand, the income from wind power is a solid pillar for this forest reorganisation.

Desire for venison

Game dishes are one of the special culinary experiences of German cuisine and are rich in vitamins, low in fat and easy to digest due to their special protein composition. It is particularly suitable for freezing, so you can always buy game in stock, as demand is greater than supply before the Christmas period.

Our approach to game is sustainable. We only take as much game from the wild as “grows back” each year. Fresh venison is only available during the main hunting season: Roe deer from May to the end of January / wild boar all year round.


Culinary experiences with regional venison

We sell venison from deer and wild boar in whole pieces and also in parts to self-collectors. We are happy to send you wild boar sausages and smoked ham.

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